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About Michael OJ

My name is Michael Oldziej, and I have been a magician for over ten years. During that time, I traveled worldwide, performing and perfecting my craft, from being a street magician in Ireland to entertaining at Mohegan Sun Casino. My unique chaotic approach blends powerful technical skill with witty comedy, where I will demonstrate an array of magic from all aspects of the craft! For YOUR event, I will tailor my vast knowledge of magic to add to any atmosphere, leaving lasting memories for years to come.

Event Types

Renaissance Faires

Michael started performing at Renaissance Faires and, thus, are very near and dear to his heart. At Faire, he specializes in his patron interactions bringing life to the fairgrounds while performing walk-around magic. Over the years, he cultivated four different shows to allow patrons the opportunity to see a variety of magic and other tricks regardless of which show they attend. He creates a fun atmosphere that both adults and kids will love. Usually, his show runs 30 minutes but can be extended to 45 minutes, depending on the need! 

Not only does he do traditional Renaissance Faires, but also Steampunk Festivals and themed shows. He will make it a point to make his style fit in with whichever event you run! 

As a college-educated Historian and History Teacher, Michael has created a “Period Magic Show,” teaching the history of medieval magic and performing tricks that were done during the era. Ask about this one if you are interested! 

His resume includes; Connecticut Renaissance Faire, New Hampshire Ren, Maine Ren, Sparta Ren, Capital District NY Ren, Wizardfest, and so much more! 

Reach out for more information or a quote at your next show!

College Shows

Be it entertaining the new first-year class, performing at an on-campus event, or adding magic to homecoming, Michael is ready and excited to bring magic to your next college event! From performing at colleges since his days in college, he has cracked the code to give students a much-needed break from their studies to relax and enjoy something unique that is guaranteed to leave them talking about it for years to come!


A wedding is one of the most important days in your life. If you want to add magic to it, Michael can help. He performs strong tableside magic to get your guests engaged and amazed. One of his tricks, called “The Gift,” is a special trick reserved only for couples, leading to a great souvenir.

Private Parties

Michael is available for your next celebration, party, graduation, birthday, or corporate show! He will work with you to design EXACTLY what you want to create memories for your guests that will leave them amazed, entertained, and just a bit happier. His work has ranged from Casinos, Corporate Events, Trade Shows, Birthday Parties, and much more. If you have an event coming up, reach out to see what he can add to it! He guarantees you will be talking about his show for years to come!

Anime & Comic Conventions

At heart, Michael is a huge geek. In his spare time, when not doing magic, he writes professionally for tabletop roleplaying games. So the only logical step was to design a show tailor-made for anime conventions! He performs with a Yu-Gi-Oh Deck using his sleight of hand to find Exodia! Tears up a BLACK LOTUS on Stage and then Restores it magically! Read the mind of an audience member’s favorite Pokémon and much more! His magic has enhanced the atmosphere and the love of the fandom conventions strive to create! 

Reach out to add magic to your next anime convention (well, not THAT Magic, as in The Gathering, but magic).


If you are interested in LEARNING magic from Michael, reach out. He will be happy to get back to you and talk about private lessons in person or over Zoom.

Charity Events

As a firm believer in giving back, please do not hesitate to reach out regarding charity. If you have an event for a good cause, I am more than happy to talk to you about offering my services for free or at a discounted rate.


Rates depend on the event, timing, and travel. Reach out for a quote, tell him about your event, and Michael will happily get back to you! He is happy to talk with you to get something to work within your price range.

Previous Shows

His Shows Include:

Walk Around Magic – As a street magician at heart, Michael’s specialty is his walk-around and table-hopping magic. Cards! Coins! Rings! Random Objects! All of these enhance the atmosphere of any event, making fond memories for those who attend. 

Escapes – Michael’s premiere skill performed worldwide, where he will break out of a genuine straight jacket after being tied up by the audience!

Awe Inspiring Illusions – A classic of magic where you must see it to believe it! Make sure you ask about his “Famous Bottle and Glass Trick!” He will perform his favorite trick for you at your next event, but that is a secret, have faith that it is worth it! 

Walk Around Magic – As a street magician at heart, Michael’s specialty is his walk-around and table-hopping magic. Cards! Coins! Rings! Random Objects! All of these enhance the atmosphere of any event, making fond memories for those who attend. 

Incredible Mind Reading and Mentalism – After spending years fine-tuning his mind reading, you will be amazed by how accurate his mind reading is, usually leaving the audience speechless. Keep in mind, though, it is all a trick, an excellent trick, but a trick nonetheless. 

Close-Up Magic / Hustler Show- The best magic happens right in front of your eyes or even in your hand. Michael’s close-up magic is a laid-back experience where he teaches the history of magic and con men while demonstrating gambling techniques used by some of the greatest cheaters in the world; he even teaches a trick!  



"When you first meet Michael, you'll instantly know that there's more than meets the eye. The truth is, it's hidden behind his charisma. The true magic Michael brings is in moments of laughter and amazement."

Terry Crew

"Michael never fails to wow and awe. When he is performing, I find myself asking repeatably - how did he do that?"

Emmanuel Hishmeh

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